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Phoenix Golden Oolong Tea

Phoenix Golden Oolong tea is a new addition to the Phoenix Oolong tea family. This tea has a beautiful golden-red black tea color and the lovely fragrance of Phoenix oolong tea. Phoenix Golden Oolong is made from the same tea … Continue reading

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Dong Pian

Dong Pian means winter flake in Chinese. It is a high mountain Oolong tea from the second harvest of a winter season from Taiwan. Usually Oolong tea is harvested only once during winter time. However, if the weather has been favorable and there are enough new healthy growths on the tea trees, … Continue reading

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Canton Oolong

Phoenix Oolong is also called Dan Cong Oolong. This tea originally grew in the high mountain areas in the Phoenix town in GuangDong province, but is now also cultivated in five near-by towns. Dan Cong means single bush. I was … Continue reading

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