Lung Wah Teahouse Puer Tea Special Collection 2005

Puer tea is very popular in many Asian countries and Asian communities around the world. Puer tea lovers in Hong Kong and Macau are the most lucky ones because they have excellent local supplies. Hong Kong and Macau have ideal weather to age quality Puer teas, and also the local tea merchants are very experienced at aging quality Puer teas.

In the past, I had the impression that loose Puer teas have weaker taste compared to tea cakes and wouldn’t last long – make fewer steeps. But the special collection loose Puer tea from Lung Wah Teahouse in Macau totally changed my perception about loose Puer tea. The loose Puer tea from Lung Wah Teahouse has a beautiful dark amber color tea liquor, the tea is very smooth and has layers with a strong sweet aftertaste. The aged tea aroma is lovely and pure. I tried 15 steeps and the tea still tasted pretty good, just like tea cake – very long lasting.  Lung Wah Teahouse Puer tea is the #1 tea on my favorite Puer tea list. 

Puer tea: 6 g
Water: 70 ml
Water temperature: 95o C                                                                            
Steeping time: 50 seconds

Lung Wah Teahouse is located at 3 R. Norte do Mercado Alm. Lacerda, Macao

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