Phoenix Golden Oolong Tea

Phoenix Golden Oolong tea is a new addition to the Phoenix Oolong tea family. This tea has a beautiful golden-red black tea color and the lovely fragrance of Phoenix oolong tea.

Phoenix Golden Oolong tea

Phoenix Golden Oolong tea

Phoenix Oolong tea leaves

Phoenix Oolong tea leaves

Phoenix Golden Oolong is made from the same tea leaves that are used for Phoenix Oolong tea, but using a different fermentation process.

As I mentioned in the Canton Oolong article, Phoenix Oolong teas are very unique and grow only in the Phoenix town area in GuangDong province. So, not many teas are produced each year, and even in China, not many people get to drink Phoenix Oolong Teas.

Using the black-tea making technique to process the Oolong tea leaves is a creative idea, but more costly compared to traditionally-made black teas. “Only tea lovers are willing to pay for this special tea,” said Mr. Li, the owner of the Phoenix Tea Shop in the tea wholesale district of Guangzhou. If you like Phoenix Oolong tea, I am sure you will enjoy this very special addition.

How to enjoy this tea:

Water temperature: I normally recommend using a water temperature of 90 Celsius (194 Fahrenheit) for making Oolong teas. Since this a “heavily” fermented Oolong tea, the water temperature can go up to 95 Celsius (203 Fahrenheit).

Brew time: The first brew needs only 30 seconds. For subsequent brews, add an additional 10 seconds to the timing for each brew. This tea can be brewed up to 4 times, with a good consistent quality.

Water and tea ratio: 10g of leaves is good for making about 150ml tea each time.

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