Lao Ban Zhang Cooked Tea 2012

Lao Ban Zhang tea is produced from the Lao Ban Zhang village in the Bu-Lang mountain in Xishuangbanna autonomous region, Yunan. Lao Ban Zhang tea is also known as the king of the Puer teas because of its dominant quality. There are four more nearby villages that also produce similar teas. According the experts, Lao Ban Zhang tea has at least one thousand years history, but this brand became very popular in the last 30 years. Each year, from the Lao Band Zhang village, only a limited amount of Lao Ban Zhang teas can be produced. Because the supply is limited, the top grade of Lao Ban Zhang tea from certain years can cost a arm and a leg – about $700 per tea cake (357g).

Lao Ban Zhang tea can be harvested in each of the four seasons. Spring tea has very nice aroma and sweet aftertaste, and is the best quality amongst all seasons. Summer tea tastes a bit bitter. Autumn tea tastes strong, and winter tea has a full-bodied taste.

According to the label, this Lao Ban Zhang tea was made in 2012 using the tea leaves from aged trees with the expedited aging process technique that became very popular after 1973.  

Lao Ban Zhang tea: 10 g
Water: 150 ml
Water temperature: 95o C                                                                            
Steeping time: 20 seconds

This tea has very a pleasant aroma, beautiful burgundy color, tastes very smooth and has subtle aftertaste sweetness. The tea liquor still tastes pretty good after 10 brews.

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